John Batterberry

I've been working with Coach Cole Warren since April 2018. Prior to my experience in the Powerlifting world I was a bodybuilder for almost 8 years. With that and my career in Law Enforcement my back and shoulders have had better days. I've had concerns with entering competitive Powerlifting coupled with my less than normal work schedule and prior injuries.


I can say with Coach Warren's help my overall strength has increased to levels I would have never imagined. I am now preparing for my first Powerlifting meet in December of this year. My only injuries have been out if the gym and Coach Cole is always aware corrects my plans to help with recovery. Coach Cole is always responsive, very knowledgeable in the sport and is personable with his clients.


Me being 30 I am aware Coach Cole may be younger to me but he is very professional and mature years beyond his age. I recommend him to anyone just entering the fitness world or national competitor fitness athletes.

Jeremiah Chavez

Cole was a great coach from the start. Never made you feel like a statistic. The programming style wasn't what I was used to but it sure as hell worked. It was easy to make the programs fit into a busy schedule. 


Also, he was hugely beneficial to have at the meet itself. It took away a lot of stress and made the meet way more enjoyable as well as comfortable being in a different environment.

Elizabeth Conlin

There is something to be said about culture.  The culture, tribe, etc you surround yourself with can determine your journey.  I have always loved strength training and transforming my body.  But it took me 37 years to find my true calling.  


During a session with a personal trainer at my home gym, I watched this guy pull a 505lb deadlift surrounded by this team of amazing lifters cheering him on.  That moment is when the passion for Powerlifting sparked.  Little did I know, that guy, would become a coach that would change my journey. 


After that moment, I started my Powerlifting journey as one of the oldest beginners in the gym.  I had a personal trainer that was great at strength, but not Powerlifting.  This became abundantly clear when I was 2 weeks out from my first meet.  I hit some serious walls with form, mobility and knowledge and this led to my first round of injury.  Little did I know that Cole had been watching from a distance, so when I went to him just before my meet with questions, his knowledge immediately started to change my performance.  I signed him on immediately and he even traveled with me to guide and teach me through my first meet.  


Since then, I grown in the sport of Powerlifting.  Cole has been instrumental moving forward, whether it's a mental check, working with my Physical Therapist or even lifting right next to me with on the spot direction.  I firmly believe that his positive, humble yet fired up nature mixed with his desire to constantly learn and teach, is the reason I'm not only seeing consistent gains now but am on the road massive Competition accomplishments in the future. 


Cole is the Coach that helped me see and believe that this 38 year old isn't just a squatter or a chick in the gym.  I am an Athlete.

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